About Us

Our mission at SourceGreenPackaging.com is to offer the most sustainable packaging solutions for every application in a single marketplace.

The Packaging Problem

We are in the midst of a plastic waste crisis, both on land and in our oceans. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers across the world have sent food delivery orders and e-commerce shopping sales skyrocketing, resulting in a deluge of single-use packaging waste.Meanwhile, F&B operators and retail brands are desperate to identify green packaging solutions and younger sourcing teams want to do this online, not at trade shows. We’re solving all this.

Our Planet-Forward Solution

With our state of the art, multi-supplier, cross-border B2B e-commerce platform showcasing only the world’s most innovative, environmentally positive, low carbon and low waste packaging solutions, you can cut through the noise of ‘green’ options and tackle the crisis of single-use plastic packaging.

Recycling Cannot Solve Forever Plastic Pollution

Over 10 billion tonnes of plastics have been created since their widespread commercialisation in the 1960s. In that time, just 9% has been recycled while more (12%) has been burned. The remainder are forever plastics that will remain in our environment for centuries, continuing to leach toxins. We must start to think differently, switching to materials that safely biodegrade in the natural environment, rather than wish for plastic recycling to become viable. Plastic recycling has existed, and hasn’t worked, for nearly 50-years.




We commit to fighting greenwashing and misleading advertising by offering as much information about the vetted suppliers, products and materials we list as is available and possible. We pledge to update our knowledge of products, materials and technology as often as possible and openly share changes in our understanding with our community. That means YOU!

COLLECTIVE effervescence


The French sociologist Émile Durkheim coined this term to describe the phenomenon and energy created when a group of people in a community come together because of a shared sense of purpose. Translation? Magic happens when we all unite to create change. Which is what we’re doing: bringing together the entire ecosystem to build a waste-free future.See also: Contagious Change Thinking.



We dream of building the biggest green packaging marketplace in the world. But before all of that, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our environment and those that share it with us are respected, protected and empowered to thrive. Our personal actions, and the actions of this company, should never cause harm. No matter what, we will always choose people & planet first.


SourceGreenPackaging.com is passionate about using our business as a force for good in the world. We believe in valuing People, Planet and Purpose. Which is why we are on our way to becoming a Certified B Corporation. As a new company, we cannot fully qualify before 12 months of operation, so we are currently certified B Corp Pending. This means that we are building a business with a purpose-driven mission at its core: in fact, we have gone ahead and included stakeholders’ rights into our legal DNA. We are also committed to completing our B Impact Assessment, which gives us the tools we need to measure, compare, and improve our impact over time. Join our mission!