SGP Expert Series: First Fireside Chat Event

SGP Expert Series: Fireside Chat with Dr Carmen Messerlian of Harvard School of Public Health

Register For This Free Industry Event – RSVP NOW is proud to present the first edition of our 💥 Expert Fireside Chat Webinar Series💥, and we hope you’ll join us!

Our guest is Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health‘s Carmen Messerlian, also an EPA appointee, and we’ll chatting about all things, health, packaging & ‘Forever Chemicals’.

Topics we will discuss include: 

💡What are #ForeverChemicals?

💡 What are PFAS?

💡 Is #FoodPackaging hazardous?

💡 What are the #health effects of regular exposure?

💡 What is the link between Forever Chemicals and #fertility?

💡 What regulations exist to protect consumers on these issues?

💡 What do brands need to keep in mind #toxins-wise when they are choosing their product packaging?

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